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We are a small and dynamic upholstery and Furniture Company based in the English Lake District. This year we are launching an exciting new brand and product under the name of ‘humpties’.   Humpties is the creation of Rachel Zivkovic and Stuart Bottomley of Kendal Upholstery and is intended to involve collaboration from new and unknown designers.

A humptie is a functional and flexible item of designer furniture, which can be used as a chair, pouffe, coffee table or footstool. Our idea of a humptie originated from a 1950’s housewife’s help book in which they are described  “[a humptie] is a great asset to the home, and may encourage the busy housewife to give herself that short break – with her feet up – after the mid-day meal which will enable her to carry on with renewed vigour, and even possibly give her a more hopeful outlook on the tasks which remain to be done.”

Our humpties are made in Cumbria using all natural fibres. The inserts are filled with specially pilled wool.  The fabric covers are printed in Lancaster at Standfast and Barracks who print for all the major fabric houses.  The covers are zipped.  We have carried out prototyping and extensive market research and are now launching humpties onto the UK design market.  We are looking to work with talented textile designers, illustrators and artists to create a unique range of humptie upholstery fabrics.  We are calling for designs to be submitted and made especially for the humptie shape; it is therefore not essential for designs to be made to a repeat.

The Call for Design submission is a confidential process with the designer retaining all copyright throughout all stages. The winning designs will be selected in house and after selection an offer to licence will be made, unsuccessful designs will be returned to the designer.  Successful designs will be made up with the name of the fabric designer incorporated into the final print on each humptie. They will be marketed with the name of each individual designer, and with information about their working process. Humpties will licence chosen designs for a limited period on an exclusive basis. The winning designers will receive a 2.5% royalty of the wholesale fabric print cost, as well as a £200 upfront prize fee.

We ask that students include their signature/hallmark into their final design so that it can be incorporated into the product. Also we suggest that students send in some supporting primary and development work of their design when submitting their final print. Again students will retain all copyright to every aspect of their work.

If you would like to submit an entry, please email stuart@kendalupholstery.co.uk and we will send you an instruction template and an entry form.

We look forward to receiving entries from your students before the 01/04/13 closing date.

Kind Regards

Stuart Bottomley and Rachel Zivkovic
Directors of humpties Company

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