Thursday, 1 August 2013

Emma Byres Design is cool Britannia

Emma Byres recently graduated with a first class honours in Textile Design from De Montfort University, Leicester and is the first young designer to win the opportunity to debut her first designer cover as part of a new limited edition range of Humpties to be launched at Best of Britannia in London.

Emma’s inspiration came from her photography of shadows forming on stairs of an Athletics stadium. "The floodlights reflecting onto the stadium created amazing geometric and graphic patterns.  "I focused on the contrast of the different shapes formed from light and dark. I wanted the negative space to be just as important as the positive, looking at all aspects space, line and placement” Emma commented “.  I am passionate about manipulating materials to create interesting and diverse outcomes appropriate to both interiors and fashion accessories.”

In house designer Caryn Gough said: “Emma’s design had an amazing visual effect and answered the brief seamlessly. The design complements the form of this versatile piece of designer furniture and interpreted the playful character of the Humptie. ”

Rachel Zivkovic, head of design and production added “Michael Howells and his associates have approached us for a second order of humpties to go into the Tally Weijl store in Basel.  Tally Weijl is a High Street fashion chain which seems to be bucking the trend and rolling out new stores across Europe.   We would like Emma’s designs to be considered for this commission.” The team have spent the last three months at the end of year graduate shows up and down the country, spotting the young talent of the future and look forward to unveiling the autumn collection at Best of Britannia 2013.

Visit our stand FFM7 at Best of Britannia, London 3rd – 5th October 2013 and see the debuting designers of the future. 

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